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What is GIS?

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GIS is a computer-based, analytical tool that assembles, stores, manipulates, and displays geographically referenced information. This system is composed of hardware, software and data.  The operating personnel, or GIS staff, are also considered a part of the GIS system.  GIS technology is used for scientific investigations, resource management, testing hypothesis, map distributions and developmental planning.
Components of a Geographic Information System
A feature of GIS that separates itself from CAD and other graphical computer applications is that it is able to geographically reference spatial data (any information that has a spatial component, i.e. a location) to a map projection of an earth coordinate system.  This information may vary from the address of a customer to the average yearly rainfall distribution of a watershed.  With GIS, spatial data from different sources can be “re-projected” to a common mapping projection system.
This geographic transformation allows for the integration of large amounts of information and applications that have a geographic component into one manageable system. Geographic information from various databases can thus be brought together, organized, managed and distributed efficiently. Another feature of GIS is “topology” which defines spatial relationships between features.  The fundamental components of spatial data are points, arcs (lines), polygons and points.
Layering for MeaningImage Source: ESRI www.esri.com
Practical Applications of GIS
Environmental Field Assessments, Wetlands Management, Real Estate, Communications,   Watershed Management, Urban Planning, Forestry, Sustainable Development, Land Preservation, Historical Research, Archeology, Animal Tracking, Market Analysis, Public Health, City Planning, Museums, Education, Transportation, Emergency Response, Site Selection, Construction, Crime Mapping, and many more!
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