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GIS Services

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Below are the services we provide.  Feel free to contact us for more information and/or to request GIS services.
Map Creation and Generation
WCS-GIS is highly experienced in utilizing GIS to create custom maps.
Data Maintenance and Hosting
We will maintain and host your customized GIS data.
Data Collection
There is a wealth of GIS data available to the general public.  We will work with you to identify your  specific data needs and perform the required research to ensure that you receive the best available  data.  This data will be compiled on a CD/DVD for your use and can be used in spatial analysis or  compiled into a custom GIS map.  Our data collection services will save you time and man-power.
Managed GIS Services
Have the benefits of a GIS department for your organization without the cost of expanding your staff.   WCS-GIS offers GIS services on retainer for your business/organization.
Data Migration
Looking to convert paper maps, data and AutoCAD drawings into an interactive GIS?  WCS-GIS is able  to geographically reference your paper and electronic information for smooth integration into GIS.
Data Editing
WCS-GIS is experienced in advanced editing of GIS layers.
Geo-Spatial Analysis
One special feature of GIS is its ability to be used to analyze spatial relationships between geographic  information.  WCS-GIS will provide you quality spatial analysis.
GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
WCS-GIS provides comprehensive feasibility studies that identifies your GIS goals, a detailed   implementation plan associated costs and overall benefits of implementing GIS.
Ground-up GIS Implementation
Looking to incorporate GIS into your business/organization?  WCS-GIS will work with you to ensure a  smooth transition into GIS.  We will evaluate your current technology systems, recommend required  upgrades to support the GIS, evaluate the most productive GIS software package for your needs,  migrate and collect GIS data for your GIS database, train your GIS staff and be on call to troubleshoot  your GIS problems.
GIS for Education
GIS is a great learning tool for students K-12.  Not only will it assist in developing critical thinking and  problem solving skills,  it will also prepare students to be active participants in this world of           technology.  WCS-GIS provides quality consulting service to incorporate a GIS curriculum at your  school or school system.  We will install the GIS system, train teachers on the GIS software and  provide resources for curriculum ideas and ways to integrate GIS into the overall educational  experience.